Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010

Wishing all the cakesmix fans out there lots of holiday cheer and looking forward to sharing more crafting goodness in 2011. No major projects lately- still reading up on bobbin lace and practicing on some simple edgings for the most part. I only managed to make one homemade xmas present this year: a handknit washcloth to go along with a soap/candle set. Thought the washcloth would be a nice touch, and the recepient was happy soo... mission accomplished!

I love to use the Idiots Washcloth Pattern because you knit on the bias and it's garter stitch all the way with a simple edging you get by yarning over at the start of each row. So it's a fairly quick knit and doesn't require a lot of concentration, which is a nice break sometimes. If you enjoy quick knits I highly recommend the pattern. I use Sugar and Cream cotton yarn for these. I'll sometimes make larger versions and use them as face and hand washcloths too.

Anyways- I have a treat for the those who enjoy a little British humor. I think they're really quite clever!

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