Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sewing Crochet Edging to Towel- Tutorial

The following is one of my fav methods for sewing crochet edging to the bottom of a kitchen towel. It's a good alternative if you don't feel like crocheting directly into the fabric:

Make a length of crochet edging. Select a durable thread and cut a length about 2.5 times the length of the towel edge. I typically double strand the thread if it's fine. In this example I am using a single strand of size 80 mercerized cotton thread. Try to match thread to color of crochet lace.

Position the length of crochet lace in the desired position

Now "flip up" the edging so the wrong side is face up.

Pin into position.

Knot your thread in corner and bring needle from back to front of towel at tip of edging. Catch the edge of crochet lace before starting next stitch.

In this example I brought the needle through the lace on every 3rd stitch. Repeat to end of towel length.
Weave thread under some nearby stitches. Knot and cut thread.

Remove all straight pins and finger press lace down into normal position. Light iron if needed.
Walla! Pretty crochet towel edging!


***Jon**** said...

Thank you for the tutorial. The visuals really help.
I don't crochet much, instead I tat a lot. I wonder of the same technique can be used for tatted edgings.

CakesMix said...

Thanks Jon,
I bet the same technique could work for attaching tatting...I'll have to try it sometime and see! Also, I've been to your blog many times and you do beautiful work!!

Nancy in Dallas said...

Very nice. Thank you for the tutorial. I also tat and I think you could do the same with tatting...*smile*

agasunset said...

Awesome tutorial, so clear to follow. And edging is just delicious!!!