Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crochet chain headband

My latest accessory: triple crochet chain headband with flower. I included lots of goodies in this one: crochet flower with mirror and crystal beads embedded in center and size 80 thread crochet green leaf. Love how it's so versatile and can tie to fit any head size. Makes a pretty choker and bracelet wrap too. More pretty pics of this are in my etsy shop.

It's also served as a good break from crocheting lace on kitchen towels, but I still have a few more pairs I'd like to make as gifts for friends.

 I've also been fascinated by working with small circular mirrors in crochet. I've made a few pendants, and would like to try making some mirror-centered rings as well. I've named this pendant the "Super-Six."
Speaking of super, I'm super excited about my new knitpicks knitting needles that I recently ordered. They should arrive any day now. I've heard they have sharper points than most knitting needles, which is exactly what I want and use as "picker" or continental style knitter. Should be helpful for cable knitting as well! We'll find out soon enough!

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