Saturday, April 10, 2010

County Fair Entries 2010

What a pair!

Oh so pretty!

My 2010 county fair entries: pair of tatted hankies & a tatted doily

Officially entered my county fair goodies this afternoon. A pair of two cotton hankies with 100% silk tatted edging and a small tatted doily. I completed the pink hanky just last night- right up to the deadline! I used a pattern from a book called Tatted Handkerchiefs. I especially like how this book has a few patterns for the scalloped edged hankies like the ones I used. Tatting directly into the fabric as you go is also more convenient and takes the guess work out of how long to make the length of the lace before attaching it. I used Gudebrod size "FF" silk thread for the pink one, which is similar to size 20 thread. LACIS carries this brand in several sizes.

Next tatted hanky will be in size 80 thread- it's time!

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