Monday, January 25, 2010

Knit Socks in a Weekend

My husband has been waiting very patiently for his very own pair of handknit socks. He finally got them today! I originally intended to have them made by Christmas, but only had one knit - so decided this weekend it was time to pony up and get the other one done! Hey better late than never, right?! I used a cuff-down pattern with simple stockinette stitch for the foot, toe, and heel, with 2x2 ribbing for the ankle.

The yarn was a treat to work with. Panda silk in nutmeg tones: 52% bamboo, 43 % machine washable merino wool, and 5% combed silk. Two 50g skeins were enough to make a pair of socks for size-13.5 feet.

Thank goodness!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cakesmix,
What a talent to see homemade socks. Haven't seen those made in 38 years. My grandma use to make them. Lucky husband to get those gorgeous socks!! Keep on knitting. With a talent like yours, it possible to make anything!!