Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tatted Lace Handkerchief: my first HDT project!

I have been wanting to tat up a handkerchief for the longest time. I have always found them interesting. Not only can they be aesthetic, but the handkerchief has a history too:

"There was the system of signs to express this or that wish, and one of the elements of this system was a handkerchief."

The plan recently came together when I got this dainty powder blue handkerchief from Snowgoose at this year's lace day and decided a tatted edging would be the perfect fit for using my stashed HDT (Hand-dyed thread), which I ordered from LadyShuttleMaker.

This is the most luxurious thread I have ever worked with. The size 20 silk just glided when I went to close rings and make chains. There is definitely a difference between using silk and mercerized cotton. I can understand why hdt is so addictive now!

Best of all the 9.5 in. x 9.5 in handkerchief used all 40 yds of my hdt. I ended up with about 6 inches of spare thread!

Used a whipstitch to attach the edging. The spoke edges on the handkerchief helped keep spacing even. Can't wait to get more of these handkerchiefs in different colors and of course more silk hdt!


Jane Eborall said...

I love doing hankies too - but don't they take forever?!?!? Very pretty. I usually use a cotton size 80 but the silk looks lovely. One question, though. Doesn't your nose slide off?!?!?

❦TattingChic said...

Your hanky edging is beautiful! What a lovely thread you used! I love Sherry's Silk HDT's they are gorgeous! That is a lovely pattern, too!
I agree with Jane up there...they do take forever!

Nancy in Dallas said...

What a beautiful pattern! I also thank you for the close up pics. It helped me understand how to attach the tatting to the Handkerchief! I have never used silk before, but thanks to your post I would like to try it. Where may I find the pattern for the edging?

CakesMix said...

Thanks for your comments! The edging I used is from a book called "Tatting Designs from Victorian Lace Craft(second edition)." The ISBN is 0-916896-59-5, and it is a LACIS publication. I've also found a lot of free tatted hanky patterns by searching the internet. Here is one from Handy Hands tatting
Good luck!

Mary said...

That handkerchief is absolutely beautiful! What a talent you have!

Nancy in Dallas said...

Thank you for the info on the kankie pattern. I love the idea of using silk thread.

Fiona T said...

This is lovely. I only really have easy access to mercerised cotton, but silk sounds luxurious! I have used 80 thread to do a hankie years ago. The 'rebecca jones' book outlines how to attach the tatting to the hankie as you make it, by joining the picots to the hankie edge. I have found this speeds up the process and helps to adjust the pattern at the right spot for corners too.