Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am working on my first ever 100% wool felted piece. This is a picture of the "sole" of a knitted slipper I will be felting. Next to it is the about the size of the slipper I need once all is said and done and felted.

I'm a little weary.. will the wool really shrink up that much? I did felt a test swatch and the wool did felt pretty well and shrink, but still... I have this fear that all this knitting will go to waste if the slipper does not end up fitting. It will really have to shrink up significantly to get it wearable. At this point I am continuing to work on it but will probably felt it and find out for sure before making the mate. If worst comes to worst I guess I can always use a giant felted slipper as a remote control cozy?? (lol)


Guzzisue said...

felting knitting always amazes me, ladies at our stitch group have made slippers and bags, all of which look more suitable for a giant before felting!! they aways seem to work though.

CakesMix said...

Thanks for the encouragement Guzzisue! I need it! :)