Sunday, March 1, 2009

Knit Neck Scarf

Started the knit neckscarf- see previous post for link to pattern. First off, I'm using up some stash yarn for this so yay for that. I found some Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep Co. Love this stuff: 80% cotton, 20% wool. The softness of cotton, but with added stretch. $9/skein but you get 215 yds. Perhaps I will be able to get two scarves out of it...

This pattern is mostly garter stitch, but I did learn how to "divide" and make the ribbed loop so that one end of the scarf will be able to slip thru and tie.

It's a dainty feel working with size 5 needles for a change. I'm working on trying to knit without looking- like the real experienced knitters do! That way I can watch my computer "tweets" come in while knitting. Multitasking ! I'm getting there, but can't help and look down every 20 sec or so to make sure I'm not skipping stitches.

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