Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jello Poke Cake

For all my fellow sweet-toothers out there I had to make a post about my new fav cake: Jello Poke Cake!

I tried it for the first time at a picnic last weekend and knew it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. To make this cake you simply prepare and bake the cake mix of your choice per package directions. After the cake is baked, use a fork or skewers to poke holes all over the cake. Pour hot jello mix into the holes (powder mix + hot water- do not add the 2 cups of cold water). Then let set for about 4 hours and finally, add your frosting!

I recommend this recipe if you are interested in making one. For my cake I used white cake mix, cherry jello, and strawberry frosting. Triple yum. Can't wait to try a lemon one or maybe a rainbow confetti mix next time!


Jay Gatsby said...

That's good stuff. Try strawberry jell-o and sprinkles next time.

Nancy in Dallas said...

ohhhhhh....I haven't thought about this cake for years! Thank you for sharing..gonna have to make one now~