Sunday, February 8, 2009

Booties UPGRADE!

Some lucky person got an upgrade on their booties this morning. After wearing them everyday straight for 4 months and several machine washings, the bottoms were starting to wear a bit. So... got out the supplies and went to town. I darned up a few spots on the sole where the yarn was wearing thin. Then added felt bottoms with blanket stitch around. And last but not least put some way cool star patches on. This is definitely the PLATINUM upgrade as far as knit booties go. Needless to say- he's thrilled.

1 comment:

TattingChic said...

The bootie upgrade looks super cool! I guess you'll know if you ever make them again for this lucky make 'em with the felt soles, LOL! It must be rewarding to see that they are well loved. :)