Monday, January 19, 2009

Blanket update #2 and more

I must admit, at one time I had my doubts about cotton yarn. My first big crochet project ever was to make a lace jacket. I knew I would need a lot of yarn for this project so went to Walmart and bought the biggest ball of yarn they sold, which happened to be a big ball of 4-ply worsted cotton. Mind you this was years ago- before I understood the ways of fiber! I was fiber illiterate! Anyways I crocheted the whole jacket out of this heavy duty cotton. I finished it and was most proud, even though the thing had the feel of chain mail. I got into softer fibers after that!

Now, I'm really into handknit washcloths and towels. Sugar 'n Cream 100% cotton yarn is where it's at if you're in the mood for making them. I went down to Joanns today and picked up a bunch of balls on sale! Love these colors too. I especially can't wait to knit up the red, white, and blue colorway. Finished two washcloths this weekend and will get them posted to my etsy shop sometime tonight.

The baby blanket is progressing! I think I'm about 2/3 done (up to 18" out of 26") and will then add a hood and maybe some hot pink fun fur around the sides? Fun fur is compatible with babies, right? If not, someone let me know and I'll omit it. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, it's great working with this lion brand 'pound of love.' When a fiber is easy on my hands it makes all the difference, especially since I tend to do marathon knit/crochet projects.

And last but not least, a pic of another project I started just yesterday. It's a fine lace crochet beauty box. I am almost done with the bottom and then will make the lid, starch and shape it all. I'm not sure yet if I will sell it or keep. I don't make fine crochet lace as often as I used too and consider these pieces heirlooms/keepsakes. I will post another pic once the box is completely finished and starched. It will look very different!

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