Friday, January 9, 2009

Beetle Bug Necklace

Yes, it's a real bug and no, it's not alive. It's a pendant. Seriously- how cool is this!

It was a beautiful day today- visited a local gem and mineral show this afternoon in Mesa and found some really unique things. Of course I was instantly drawn to the jewelry, particularly these bug pendants. Of all the ones for sale, I think the green beetle was the most beautiful and least creepy. It was beaming iridescent green in the sunlight when I saw it and I couldn't resist! Bought one for my mom too. She was a little creeped out at first but I know she'll come around. You can even see the little hairs on it's legs.

Besides bug pendants, also bought some pearl beaded bracelets, glass pendants, and a calcified rock from a cave. A very positive shopping experience. It was great to see so many people passionate about rocks and minerals.


Guzzisue said...

fascinating but creepy!!

CakesMix said...

yes- totally! :)