Friday, September 5, 2008

State Fair

It's almost time for the State Fair! I'm planning on entering some items in the competitive craft contest this year! A few things from my etsy shop are being entered too, so about 5 items have been temporarily unlisted so they may contend! Mostly my tatted necklaces and mini tatted doilies. I'm also entering a couple fine white crochet doilies.

So now I'm thinking...geez the shop is a-looking a bit empty eh? Going to try and work on getting more items up in the next week. I've also been reading up on wire crochet with beads and visited some bead shops. What I have learned: beads are EXPENSIVE! :) I saw some beads at the bead shop that were like $5 just for one bead! But man, are those swarovski crystals pretty...and wire crochet is addictive!

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