Monday, September 1, 2008

End of Summer

Happy that we are 1 month closer to October, which will bring cooler weather, and of course Halloweeeeen! Looking forward to being able to walk outside without the 107 degree weather. On the home front I am finally finishing up the Harry Potter series. I've been listening to them on audio- which has been fantastic, and am now half way thru book 7. And whilst listening to Harry Potter I've completed a few projects:

Socks for dad:
of all crafts, socks always seem to take me the longest. If I accommodate someone's request for handknit socks, then you know I'm extremely fond of that person! Do I get second sock syndrome? (make one sock and get bored with completing 2nd) YES! But I managed to power thru on these and gave them to my dad yesterday. He was happy and it was all worth it. My reward was I got to use fixation yarn.
Garden party Necklace: I wanted to mix some tatting and crochet together for something dainty and elegant. Mission accomplished! It took me 2 days just to complete a portion of tatted lace that I was satisfied with. This lace is shuttle tatted with size 10 cotton and I think it really worked up nicely in green. Have gotten much more comfortable with using beads in my work now too. Finally digging into my stash of loose costume pearls and putting them to good use!

Batman Knitted Cuff!: Experimenting with some superhero stuff lately. I originally planned to duplicate stitch over black background to make the logo pop- but decided to try cross stitching it instead. What a trip down memory lane! Before I took up knitting and crochet about a 2 years ago, I worked on uber-big cross stitches and then framed them. For this cuff, I stitched on waste canvas to ensure that all my "x"s lined up.

Thunder, Thunder, THUNDER CATS! HOOO!:
Yes! I am a thundercats fan and have always liked the logo. This block measures 11.5" x 12.5 " and was single crocheted in worsted acrylic using two colors, two-stranded technique. Two strands are carried throughout the piece, making it double thick and reversible too! The Thundercats intro if you are feeling nostalgic.

Pearls of Wisdom Necklace: First attempt at wire crochet. It is very fun! Costume pearls and faceted beads with size 28 gauge golden wire. Beaded portion of necklace measures 21.5"
Can't wait to make more!

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