Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eye Candy

Just posting a little eye candy here- tatted & crocheted doily using size 3 cotton thread- my original design and truly a favorite. This one I keep for me! New video of other crafts I've made has been added. It's a collage of items I've made over the past 2 years. Thought it'd be fun to add to the blog. It's already 9pm and I'm just beginning to resume work on my butterfly doily. It is definitely an advanced pattern and is going to take longer than I originally estimated. Might not finish by tomorrow ;) In other news I did get a new camera today! It was time. The old one only took AA batteries and ran out of juice after snapping like 10 pics. This new one will go for about 90 min before a charge. Wow! Pics are better too. Hopefully it'll be a keeper for a long time.

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