Friday, July 18, 2008

"Butterfly Trap" Doily

Ah! Finally done with the butterfly doily. Logged about 25 hrs. of work on this one! 100% hand crocheted with charming pastels and beaded-picot border. This is a picture of it being blocked, the little yellow and white specs are actually pins. I am letting it dry over night like this and then tomorrow will remove pins and take some "artistic" photos of it in action! My bf had a great idea to add little beaded eyes to the butterflies. Cute idea. Now they have little expressions.

This is the magazine I got the butterfly doily pattern from. It is "Magic Crochet" Feb 1994 Vol. 88. Got it from a totally awesome coworker. I guess you used to be able to subscribe to this mag, but no longer. I've seen some back issues for sale on etsy and ebay- but no new issues. Lots of neat Japanese crochet patterns and charts too.

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