Sunday, July 27, 2008


Okay so not only did I get to craft this weekend, so did home depot. They replaced our vinyl in baths and kitchen with tile! Well, I think there's a difference. Know we will be happy we did it in the long term, even tho the project was $$$! It has taken 3 men about 4 days to get everything installed and the diagonal makes things a little more complicated, because they have to make all these little triangles to fit the gaps. Looks pretty snazzy eh? I'm stressed but am getting better. I am very competent in the fiber arts, but when it comes to tile and laying tile I have no knowledge or skill. I must give all my control and power over to Home Depot to do it. That's a little hard- but so far so good.

Let's see whats being starched today shall we! A tatted pendant for a friend (upper left), free-form crochet fish (middle), medium sized secret tat (lower left), tatted bead earrings (lower right) and a crochet lace heart doily. I may post a few of these items on etsy too.

Looking forward to a relaxing and fun Sunday. Workmen are coming back Monday, so I can even sleep in! Woo hoo!

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